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Karate is a Japanese martial art that means "the way of the empty hand" or fight with bare hands. Karate is a martial discipline whose techniques are used to defend and respond to aggression through different parts of the body.

The philosophy of karate is based on values that are essential: respect, righteousness, sincerity, modesty, humility, self-control, loyalty, benevolence, courage, kindness and sense of  honor. This moral code creates all the wealth of karate as a discipline of life and that is what differentiates it from a simple sport.

Regular practice of karate develops a deeper knowledge of one's mental abilities, good coordination of body and mind, and more self-confidence

To know

The Shotokan style karate class is open to everyone (children, teenagers and adults) for all 3 levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

On Saturday and Sunday, the class starts with the 5-8 years old. Then continues with the 9 years old and up.

The teacher teaches the basics of karate movements, katas and fighting.


  • Improve coordination
  • Strengthens muscles and joints
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Develops self-control
  • Develops respiratory qualities

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